Far Cry 4

Open world games are a specialty of Ubisoft, as they always manage to craft expansive, exciting and just plain massive game worlds where you can explore, combat or just evolve as a character. Far Cry 4 is a sequel to the cult hit Far Cry 3, and it manages to bring some new, interesting stuff into the mix, stuff you will like for sure.


We play the role of Ajay Gale, a Kyrat local that wants to bury his mother, and because of that he comes to the homeland. However, things aren’t as good as you would expect, as he finds a rebellion in the area, with the rebel forces continually trying to defeat Pagan Min at all times. Although not that original, the game is good and it provides enough incentives to play it.


Far Cry 4 starts off easily, with some great and interesting choices being placed upon our character, as he tries to evade Pagan Min. The game focuses on bringing an experience similar to the one in the previous game, albeit in a different setting and with different characters. There are other changes though, such as the fact that you can now ride elephants and use even more vehicles than in the original game.

There is even a wingsuit that you can load up and use at any given time, showing you how intense it really is to explore and play in this Himalayan inspired regions.

The tower and camp mechanic from Far Cry 3 remains pretty much the same, you can even explore in a similar fashion, but you can also follow quests as well. Thankfully, the game does manage to provide you with a ton of side missions, which are cool and nice overall, to the point that you will definitely like them at all times.

Going through the game world and crafting items, acquiring unique tools and so on is very neat. Combine that with the stellar and exciting co-op you get, then you can see how intense the game really is. Sure, the co-op is a different experience and it doesn’t have the same missions like the normal game, but it’s good nevertheless. Then, we have the arena which is cool on its own as well, not to mention the expansive and non-repetitive multiplayer where you can gain new levels and get more entertainment by killing players from all over the world.

Graphics and sounds

The game looks amazing, as Kyrat does manage to provide a unique and exciting set of visuals. The game looks very well at all times, with characters, backgrounds and missions being placed together in order to form an exciting outcome. The soundtrack is intense, filled with action tunes, and even the voice acting is quite cool, with Pagan Min being a good example in this regard. With great animations, exciting premises and a ton of variety, the game just manages to provide the necessary tools to become a great experience. You will like it for sure, so don’t hesitate and paly it, we can surely say that you will not be disappointed at all.


Far Cry 4 brings you everything you want from an open world game. Not only it looks very good, but it also plays amazingly well and it brings you just about anything you might want from a shooter. It’s similar to Far Cry 3, but thankfully this is a very good thing! Play it, it’s one of the best shooters you can find!

Verdict: 9/10