Sniper Elite III

One of the most favorite actions in shooters nowadays is definitely sniping. And while most shooters tend to add a sniper rifle here and there, those of us that want a great sniping experience do have some games built specifically around this mechanic. The Sniper Elite series has always been providing gamers with a realistic recreation of the German war front back in WWII and its gameplay was mostly relied on sniping. The latest entry in the series, Sniper Elite III brings a new and exciting setting in the form of the African battlefield.


The gameplay in Sniper Elite III relies heavily on exploring the land and finding the perfect places to defeat your enemies from afar. Since the game takes place in Africa, there are lots of dunes and the environment will provide you with lots of opportunities to get as close to the enemies as possible undetected. You can crouch, prone or perform multiple actions that will allow you to remain invisible for your enemies.

Taking advantage of the landscape is one thing, but thanks to the multitude of weapons at your disposal you can create unique, fun strategies to kill your enemies. While the most important one still remains the sniper rifle, we also have pistols, machine guns and grenades, among many others.

Instead of using the linear approach you can now explore an open world at your own pace. There are 8 major missions in the campaign, each one taking place on a large map. Most of the time you will have to kill enemy generals or commanders, but there are quite a lot of side missions as well and they bring the necessary variety to the game.


The game uses all the latest technologies to create a vibrant, living world. The level design is stellar, you really feel like being a part of the African war theatre, and that’s certainly impressive to say the least.

Character design is good as well, although some enemies might have the same faces from time to time. All textures are high quality and animations are really fluid.

The Sniper Elite series was always known for its famous X-Ray killcam. This feature makes its triumphant return in Sniper Elite III and you have lots of ways to check it out. The X-Ray killcam is very accurate and it shows the exact damage that the human body gets from any type of shot.
The soundtrack is suitable for the game’s overall theme, with some great tunes in the background at times. Gun sounds are very realistic and the voice-overs are top notch, something that adds a lot of value to the game.


Sniper Elite III also comes with a great co-op more that you can play with your friends. You can either play the campaign with a friend or, if you want, you can engage in special co-op modes like the survival or overwatch for example.

Of course, you have the ability to play in competitive mode against players from all over the world. The game comes with numerous unique modes, like the Distance King, Team Deathmatch, No Cross and Deathmatch. The combination of old and new games modes provides a great way to pass the time as you explore all the multiplayer options.


In the end, Sniper Elite III is a very good shooter that you’ll definitely enjoy. The shooting mechanics work great, graphics are excellent and the overall experience is unforgettable. If you want a shooter with an interesting setting as well as lots of content, then Sniper Elite III is exactly what you are looking for.