Deadfall Adventures

It’s nothing rare to see shooters combined with other genres, but rarely can you find FPS games that are created around the idea of solving puzzles as you progress. Deadfall Adventures is one of the few games you can find that relies on that idea and which allows you to live an Indiana-Jones like story.


In Deadfall Adventures we play the role of James Lee Quatermain, an adventurer that is set on a quest to recover the heart of Atlantis. The main problem he encounters is that the ancient people split it in multiple pieces so he has to go all over the globe to find them. He has to raid Egypt, Mayan and Arctic locations in order to find these precious artifacts and connect them into a single one, to restore its power.


The enemies in this game fall in two different categories. You either kill Nazis, which have a weak AI and can be killed easily or you try to defeat mummies. Ironically, the mummies are much harder to kill, as you usually need to throw a torch at them, then shoot them with a few bullets.

The major ingredient in Deadfall Adventures are certainly the puzzles. These are quite varied and require you to pull levers, align certain items, remove things from certain places, etc. This mechanic really gives life to the game, as the shooting is quite bland most of the time. With the puzzle element though, Deadfall Adventures shines, because it basically gives you a reason to go through the locations in search for the missing pieces of the artifact. Some of these puzzles are very hard, while most of them can be solved by anyone who plays the game.

Graphics and sounds

Deadfall Adventures is a game that looks great. You have the opportunity to visit lots of temples, jungles and other locations, and each one is so realistically created that you feel immersed into the game world. They do use all the latest technologies to achieve this result, but nonetheless Deadfall Adventures is visually impressive and you will have tons of fun playing. Animations are problematic at times, but the character design is really good and so are the other items you can find in the game’s large world.

Sound-wise, Deadfall Adventures doesn’t really stand out, aside from the gun realism and a few tracks here and there.


One of the highlights when it comes to the multiplayer in this game is the survival mode where players need to work together to go through as many waves of enemies as possible. Aside from that, you can also play Artifact Hunts, Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.


Deadfall Adventures is a game that certainly needs some improvement, both in the gameplay mechanics and sounds, yet it does manage to bring an interesting story, combined with a really good gameplay that will definitely appeal to lots of gamers. Some puzzles are really creative, so you will definitely have a lot of fun trying to discover all that the game has to offer. We recommend that you give it a try to see if you like it, but if you’re not an Indiana Jones or Lara Croft fan then this game might not be for you.