Wolfenstein: The New Order

The Wolfenstein series is home to some of the best shooters that have appeared in recent times. Titles such as Doom and Wolfenstein 3D managed to define the FPS genre as it is today, so the launch of a new title in the fabled Wolfenstein series is definitely great.


Wolfenstein: The New Order continues the action portrayed in the other games from this series. We take the role of B.J. Blazkowicz as we fight, once again, the fabled Nazi army. The circumstances are different though. The game starts during WWII, where the Nazi force has started using robots during the battle in order to gain an advantage.

As you try to conquer a very important enemy base, a piece of shrapnel hits your character and he is sent to a mental institution. When he wakes up, in the 1960’s, he finds a whole new world, in which the Nazi force has assumed complete control over everything. From lots of armies to huge robots, the Nazi army has all the latest technologies in their hand and they use it against anyone that opposes them.

Even in this dire situation, B.J. Blazkowicz manages to find his old friends and he tries, once again, to defeat the Nazi force, giving freedom back into the hands of the people.


Each mission you undertake can be completed in two different ways, you can go either guns blazing or, if you want, you can use stealth, melee enemies and hide their bodies. Each approach provides different ways of playing the game, so even if Wolfenstein: The New Order is a singleplayer title, you will have a ton of fun replaying the game once more with a whole new approach.

The guns in the game are varied, from the normal pistol to laser guns, grenades, machine guns, shotguns and some special guns as well. All of these combined provide the player with a complete arsenal that can be used to defeat the enemy force.

As you enter a compound or various areas, you will have to avoid Nazi commanders, as they can raise the alarms. The best approach here is to use stealth to get to them, then eliminate using melee.

Wolfenstein: The New Order includes an unlockable set of skills that include both stealth and combat abilities. These will be available to unlock as you play. While exploring the levels you can also find weapon upgrades that can prove to be really useful, as they can provide your weapon with new abilities.


Wolfenstein: The New Order is one of the most graphically impressive games that Bethesda has created up to this date. Each location has a great amount of detail, textures have the highest quality so the game world is just a pleasure to explore. Each character has impressive facial animations, and the way they move/interact with others is also very unique. From a graphical standpoint Wolfenstein: The New Order surely achieved its goal to impress the audience.


As you roam through the massive game world you will be accompanied by jazzy sounds, but when you enter combat these will immediately change into action packed sequences. Gun fire sounds very real and the voice-overs keep the same dedication to details that you can find in the whole game.


Despite lacking a multiplayer component, Wolfenstein: The New Order more than makes up for it with a one of a kind story, diverse missions, great graphics and a good soundtrack. If you look for an old-school shooter with a good campaign, then this is certainly the game you need to play.