We live in a world where the multiplayer shooter genre is dominated by Call of Duty and Battlefield, with few other titles standing out in this regard. Titanfall enter this fierce competition with a new, exciting mechanic in the form of titans, some huge robots that can be controlled by the players online, as they see fit.


Despite being a multiplayer only game, Titanfall does bring a story, which is told between missions. Even if it’s full of clichés and it relies heavily on the idea of good vs bad, the story is a great addition to a game that would otherwise work perfectly without it.


Titanfall’s gameplay relies heavily on the increased mobility of the characters. You can double jump or even wall run, and these mechanics impact the gameplay tremendously. Of course, the star of the show still remain the titans, huge mechanized robots that are falling from the sky and which can be used by anyone on the map. These robots give a huge tactical advantage, since they bring a lot of destructive power that certainly makes the difference.

There are lots of buildings that have interiors, so going inside them is a good way to avoid the enemy attacks, be it from regular soldiers or titans. The weapons in the game are far from being original, yet they do the job really well and the gun play is very satisfying. You will find yourself sometimes switching between weapons just to see how well they suit your game style.

The more enemies you kill, the faster the titan will be launched on the map. These mechanized monsters offer both offensive and defensive capabilities that may turn out to be a huge game changer in the end.

As you play the game more and more you will have the opportunity to level up, unlock new weapons, skins or titans. This offers you lots of reasons to come back and play the game from time to time.

Sounds and graphics

As you might expect, while playing Titanfall you will have to listen to action packed soundtrack. It includes some great music that you will like for sure, so it’s well worth it. Graphically, this game is truly worth being called a next-gen title. All the latest technologies are included into Titanfall, bringing you one of the most impressive visual experiences in recent years. All the 15 maps you can play in the game are very impressive and diverse, each one having its own, unique theme.

Animations are great, so everything moves naturally and character models, including the titans, are top notch. You simply can’t ask more from the game when it comes to its visuals.


Titanfall’s multiplayer relies on some unique, fun game modes that are different to the ones you find in regular shooters. From Attrition to Last Titan Standing, Hardpoint Domination, Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter, each one brings you some interesting moments and lots of reasons to come back and play. Maps load fast, no matter the platform you play it on. Additionally, even if the game doesn’t support more than 12 players on a map, the battles are so intense that you will rarely feel the need for more players.


Titanfall is one of the best shooters that were launched this year and it has established a solid community around it. This game is really fun to play with friends or even random people from all over the world. It has a satisfying gun play, next-gen graphics and a one of a kind gameplay that you simply cannot find anywhere else. If you were looking for a good shooter to play that is somehow different when compared to the rest, then you can surely find that here.